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Bringing people together has always been our purpose. Since the very beginning, we've been a group of friends that have used music to connect and make memories with other friends.

We want you to do the same: throw a banging party, build communities, and have fun with other people. So whenever and wherever you want to party, SOUNDBOKS has you covered.

  • 6 million Powered parties
  • 250.000+ SOUNDBOKS owners
  • Founded 2015


The Story of Three Friends

Anyone that’s been to Denmark’s Roskilde Festival knows about its campsite. Opening four days before the music starts, revellers bring their own DIY speakers, transforming the place into a patchwork of pop-up parties. In 2014, that was us: three high school friends from the outskirts of Copenhagen.


Our Original Roskilde Festival Experience

We wanted to build the loudest speaker and create lifelong memories with our friends. So, we spent all year outside of class researching, designing, and testing in one of our family’s garages. Roskilde Festival finally opened its doors. We pitched our tents, cracked open a beer, and turned our speaker on. 20 minutes later, though, the music suddenly cut out. Turns out electronics don’t mix very well with pilsner.


Learning On The Fly

Despite this setback, we’d caught the bug. Applying our learnings from this experience, we advertised our services online expecting a couple of people to reply. By the end of the week, 400 people wanted us to build their speaker. Totally unprepared for this, 24 friends came together and worked 24 hours around the clock for two weeks. The final speaker was built and delivered on the day the campsite opened. Mission accomplished. Just.


Kickstarting SOUNDBOKS For Real

2016 was defined by a bet and a trip to San Francisco. One of our friends challenged us to apply to Y-combinator, the world’s biggest startup accelerator. Bet. A few weeks later, an American number popped up on our phone. We’d been accepted. This was a defining moment in the SOUNDBOKS story. During our amazing Y-combinator experience, we launched a Kickstarter campaign, raising $784,320 and introducing us to the SOUNDBOKS community for the first time.


Our Awesome Community

We’ve collaborated with a ton of awesome brands, received reviews from internet royalty, appeared in a Netflix documentary, and been enjoyed by some of your favorite icons. The San Francisco Police Department, local authorities, and politicians back home have shown us some love, too.



A lot of that is as a result of our ethos; SOUNDBOKS exists to inspire you to bring people together and create lifelong memories. By designing and innovating with that in mind, we’ve created products that define a category. Take the splash-proof coating, the silicone ball corners, and the swappable battery. Our original speaker experiencing death-by-pilsner taught us that we needed to party-proof every SOUNDBOKS.


Turn It Up To 11

What we’re most proud of, however, is the concert level sound. Extremely loud yet crystal clear, you haven’t fully experienced a SOUNDBOKS until you turn one up to 11.


What's To Come

We’re going to keep turning up and bringing people together. We can’t give too much away right now, but keep your eyes peeled for some pretty cool products, parties, and more. Bring on the next chapter of the SOUNDBOKS story.